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Today...22nd Jan.


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I got to the field today at 0915 and was in the air by 0930. I forward launch in very light to nil wind.

Almost as soon as my feet left the ground I knew I was going to empty my tank!

Trimmers all the way out, and away we go...........

The air was so silky smooth with a gentle 5-6mph head wind. I did the entire flight without using my hands. I decided to go to the mast, (about 10km from take off) and then indirectly to Hungerford (another 12km) Then Newbury, (another 15km)

before heading home as the crow flies, = 67km flight with no brake or tip input. :D:D (except for take off and landing of course)

The flight back was awesome as the wind picked up just in time for my return flight :D:D

A very much needed 2 hour flight, I am now 100% in the fix department! :P


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