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Some short notice training in the southern US

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All, This is kind of a moot subject now. Don't want anybody wasting their time reading further, so if I figure out how to delete the thread, I'll get it out of the way.

Hello, all.

I'm looking for some training and wondering if you might be able to help. I'll explain my situation first: I'm an Army flight student (rotary wing) at Ft. Rucker, AL. I've been interested in PPG for some time now and have finally invested in my own gear. I haven't flown yet, but have read the PPG Bible, watched Risk & Reward, met with a somewhat local instructor, and started a little introductory practice with handling the wing (in addition to speaking with several people about the sport and getting started). My schedule is what has limited me for the most part. I just found out that I have all next week off on leave and am hoping to spend it getting trained up as this is the last solid block of time I will have free until October. The two instructors I have found within a 2 hour radius (David with Alabama Paratoys in Montgomery, AL and John Black at Freedom Flight Center in Panama City Beach) are not available for training next week. Does anyone have any recommendations for an instructor in the Alabama, Florida, Georgia area who may be available?

I've made some calls/sent emails/done some looking around (this post isn't my first step), but I want to check for some input from the people who already know. So any advice is always appreciated!

Thanks, everybody!


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