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Air Filter PAP Ros 125


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I have the above and I am looking to replace the existing airfilter for an after market type K&N filter only because the original air filter has the rubber perishing which means a new replacement unit is needed.

My question is............will the carburettor need to be retuned with the new airfilter as I would of thought the airflow would be more efficient and hence the mixture leaner?

Can anybody guide me here please.

Many thanks


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I doubt it. The original isn't much of a filter anyway, more of an airbox to reduce induction noise with a gauze over the inlet to keep large particles out. You may even find that the k&n is more restrictive. It'll probably be noisier.

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Nope, no element.

I've run my Top 80 on the ground without the box. It doesn't half make a racket. I'd stick with the standard box if I were you.

Also, if you mean the rubber between the carb and airbox, I think that is a seperate part (at least it is on the Top 80) which should be available on it's own.


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