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Ground handling harness, now have a wing


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Hi I'm new to this sport and could do with a harness to practice with a friends wing.

sorted thanks for replies

That said I could do with an old wing (knackered is fine as long as it will kite) then I could progress to practicing on me tod!

Yes I know they are available for 80quid new but I'd prefer to put that towards gear.


they are not!!![/b]

might even consider renting one???

any help would be appreciated

Thanks J

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I have been given a couple of such wings.....

Both are out on loan at the moment,

I am expecting one back soon...... Happy to lend you a wing, the harness will cost £100. (You will also need a helmet) Suggest cycle helmet for ground work.


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Ground handling harness I use is a scaffolders harness, which I um.... permantley borrowed. Works a treat.

Found a scaffolders harness in an ebay shop for £30 brand new- where do you attatch the karabiners ?

This could be a good way of getting a cheap ground handling harness, look at thread for picture.


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