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Equipment Budget


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Hi All

I know this is going to be a "how longs a piece of string" type question, but well here goes....

Trying to work out the feasibility of leaving fixed wing PPL flying and learning to fly a Paramotor. The problem is the syndicate I'm a member of does not involve high share costs, but has monthly and hourly charges (in effect spreading the cost of flying) but still expensive compared to paramotoring £65/hr.

If limited to buying second hand equipment, what should be avoided and what would be a realistic budget?



PS I'm 6ft and 100Kg :)

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As a starting point, my budget was originally £5000.

This consisted of £2000 for a used motor and £3000 for the rest of the kit and training as a package deal at Airways Airsports.

I ended up paying £2300 for a motor, although cheaper options are plentiful. I have yet to decide on a wing and other kit, I am training on Airwys kit.


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You may be considering changing from GA to PPG for reasons of cost. I was in the same boat after flying Cessnas for 18 years. However, I enjoy flying now more than I ever did in my old Cessna.

It's just soooo much fun. If you do decide to swap, once you get the hang of it, you will not look back.


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