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Hi. can anyone help me. I have a mz34 313 engine with low hours, but it will not rev higher than 5800rpm acording to the tiny tach fitted. its is powerful enough to lift a 100kg pilot but doesnot have the thrust to take tandem which it clearly should.

i have tried a diferent carb and checked the rings just incase thay were sticking. the prop is a 125 carben fibre blade.

does anyone know who can have a look or advise me.

I have tried PAUL.NATION but after initial contact, either my emails are not getting through or he's not responding

would like to get it sorted before the weather gets better.

thank you and safe flying to you all

Karl :wingover:

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Get the engine warm, then stop it, take off the prop, restart it and gently rev it just to see if it will rev higher, that will tell you if the prop is holding the engine back or if it is something else. Three things to be aware of. 1) If the set up does not have a centrifugal clutch but is direct drive, it may be difficult to start without the weight of the prop. 2) It will rev up much more quickly without the prop so be careful. 3) it may get hot too so don't run it without the prop for long. At least you will know that the engine is okay. Or nor :roll::roll:

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