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New here. Simon was asking about for a bike rider to help add to the support 'convoy' and I stuck my hand up.

I'm sure he'll provide more details, but the basic idea is a general 'fixer' that can get around a bit more nimbly than the vans and get to places they may not be able to.

If you've got any other ways you think a bike might be able to help, I'm sure they can can be integrated when I've got a bit more of a feel of how it's all going to work.

I've always liked the idea of doing some paragliding and more in the past, but been a bit busy with motorbikes (have been club-racing for the last three years) - I did do an introductory day a couple of years ago, but never had the time/money to do more.

So, presuming all goes well you should see me hanging around a bit and will try and get over to the next meeting.


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Thanks for the welcome.

Got lots of ideas brimming, as I usually do :); but I'll lurk around and get an idea of what's going on first before blurting everything out!

Definitely sounds like a very interesting project to be involved in.

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