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flying this week


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Hi Jock.

Am in the middle of a garage conversion. But will get away for at least 1 of those days.

Looking forward to 1st flight of 2012.

Mike. :mrgreen:

ok mike i can get out any day this week/let me know so i can check what cattle are at powick.all the sheep/cows have been in the feild the other side of the bypass last week. looking good for a flight ....be good if a few others can make it as well.

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Still flying loads in NZ Jock. Averaging just over 3 hours/day. At Coronet peak (Queenstown) now, superb thermalling yesterday up to 5,200ft. Hope you get some hours in on that new Parajet of yours this week.


you just cant leave the ppg alone can ya// lol.is it your knoing your flying in nz lucky you. bet the veiw is fantastic. have a good hol...

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Hi mike if the wind is not ne/e i will be at powick around 10-1030.if its ne/e i shall go malvern first, then get to powick around 1-2pm.powick grass very short.i will check 2morro to see what cattle if any are there,i will def be out with ppg.just want to give sean a ttb,then a tandum flight of the main malvern hill.we have the org lz back at malvern,i will ring you friday morning it does look north am so prob powick first, sat looking good se 6-8 mph

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