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F200 or Simonini


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I've had both, and would say the F200 is the better of the two. A fair bit lighter and seemed to have the edge on power and fuel economy (although my F200 had carbon 3 blade prop versus a 2 blade wood prop on the Simonini mini2+, so maybe not a completely fair comparison).

Power delivery seemed smoother and more linear on the F200 as well, and replacement parts are quite a bit cheaper - although the casting process seemed a bit rougher than the Simonini. The only other thing I could fault would be the stock end silencer on the F200, which could be improved.

As for overheating, I never had a problem even with the earlier, small cylinder head - and I used to take photo's during the service rebuilds that showed everything still like new inside. At about 115kg (suited & booted) it rarely needed full throttle for long, so most pilots would give it even less stress. Loads of pilots using them in Europe and elsewhere without issues either, so I would expect the later versions to be even more reliable.

My current Simonini Evo engine had to go back twice due to problems and I was not happy with the quality of engineering (misalignment with parts and drill holes in the castings out of place).

I'd happily have another F200, so would suggest it really comes down to your choice of frame / manufacturer. :)

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Hi All,

Thank you for your valuable answers. I really appreciate it. I made a research on the market and prices I can get and I’ve come down to two selections: paramotor x-race with F200 from the French manufacturer Adventure or paramotor Rodeo with Simo2 from the Czech manufacturer Nirvana. I know they are slightly different category but similar power and price. Can you write me your opinions or experiences?

Thank you so much in advance.

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Top choices and excellent taste ..... those would be my choices although I would go for the Nirvana Instinct if I had the money. :wink:

I've tried (but not flown) both and they are pretty similar for weight and comfort. Both handle well with easy weight shift and no torque steer effect. Lots of pilots using the Adventure X-race at St. Hilaire and raving about it, but the Nirvana team attended every major event I went to last year and are all top blokes who are happy to discuss and stand by the quality of their machines.

If durability and crash resistance are the most important factors then the Rodeo would be your best choice. Personally I would go for the X-Race as it is better value, a tiny bit lighter, longer range tank, looks great and replacement parts are reasonably priced. Then again, Nirvana have a better range of accessories and the best clothing and flight suit designs ........ plus UK dealer support ..... :|

A tough decision but I would be happy with either. :D



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