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Anyone flapping from Powick, Thurs 1st Dec?


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Good flying day today.

3 flights and lots of incidents!

Boot lace broke.....

Vario wouldn't switch on ....

First flight - managed to get some minor carb icing at 2,500ft, very humid air, but only 8deg c and constant revs for 20 minutes across the top of the Malverns to Castle Moreton. Just some minor hiccups on the engine. Open the throttle full blast for 30 seconds and then it was fine, or so I thought......

Second flight over to Upton, fine, no issues.

Third flight had a good take off and boat around towards Upton again then lost revs after 35 minutes to a max of 2,800 and the engine note sounded different. I limped to a suitable landing spot next to the river Severn and found one of the stupid tiny HT lead spades had broken on cylinder3. I tied it back on with a bit of wire from my 'emergency kit', relaunched and flew back to base. I'll solder it later, but it was a bit frustrating. Glad it happened on the final flight.

So, I'm not sure it was carb icing now .......

The Orbit Ronstan ratchet pulleys worked a treat on the speed bar!

Post pics later.


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Not flown Marcle since 2002, loved the site when not wet, otherwise it was always a bit of a bog and the glider was covered in mud at the end of the day. Steve P. landed on a cow there! Since then motoring was always a better option than free flying that site. I flew on the motor from the farm at the bottom a few times.

Beacon was soarable on Thursday, I managed to stay up quite easily with the engine off.


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