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Retrofitting Netting to Volution 1.


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Retrofitting Netting to Volution 1.

I've been searching for this but there's not much useful info that I can find. I have asked several Parajet staff over the months but they don't support it although Deano was very helpful on my last visit (but I still don't have a good solution).

I could buy some netting and cable tie it on but this would be a bodge. I would prefer to drill the cage and thread it but would void the warranty and would be concerned about affecting the strength of the cage. There is a link to photographs of a very nice job here:

viewtopic.php?f=8&t=4852&p=32023&hilit=netting+parajet#p32023 (plus I'd love to know where the prop came from).

If anyone has ever fixed netting to the upper cage on a Volution 1 I'd be grateful for any feedback.

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Could you not copy the fixing method used on the later Volution2 - rivets and very tough cord ?

Maybe Parajet would sell you the cord?

Or maybe have a look at how the Bulldog cage is netted. Very easy to replace if damaged. Although not as 'pretty'!!

Maybe Lord Haze could bung a closeup piccie up? :shock::shock:

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And FYI....

Just about every rivet head has a small pice of line protruding from under the head.

You can clearly see where the line has been cut due to the marking in the powdercoating.

This would suggest to me that the lines are pulled tight through the drilled hole and the rivet holds the line under tension against the frame.

Or have I just got another 'special' Parajet??


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I read, I looked and indeed you are correct.

I was happier with my thoughts than it being held like that... that said, being a school machine my unit has taken a fair pounding and is fine.

I think my way is a better way to be honest though.

I stand corrected, assumption being the mother of all...


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