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Paramania Fusion second hand market????


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I have been toying with the idea of getting rid of my Fusion.... Its a great wing and think its an awesome bit of kit but i have not seen any for sale except Luke's in the classifieds section and that has been there since the dawn of time.... So are people not selling them because they like them so much or is it people are not selling them because there is no market for them.... If they are in short supply on the second hand market why has Luke's been on there so long????

How many people have successfully sold there Fusion... And whats it worth...... Mine has around 80hours on it and is still very crispy and has a great porosity rating from Areofix...

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Loads of people are waiting for the time I sell my 23 :-)

There have been a few in the field, but mainly people wanting to change the size (normally from a 26 to a 23 )

Decent Fusion, 80 hours, £1400-£1600 or there abouts I recon. They are close to £3000 to buy new.


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