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Paramania Fusion Free flying

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No Sorry we don't set date's it has to be a last minute thing as the conditions have to be perfect. We need a light N NE in the morning then switching to a S SW later in the day... It's best in the summer as we use the sea breeze for the soaring and a tail wind on the way home. Normally up to 100kph on the way home :lol:

We always post in the west sussex section when we are planning to do it. But it will be only 1-2 days notice....

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Delayed response due to only just embedding the video ( I wish you could all learn how to do that LOL )

Mike, sorry to pick this up mate, but it's for the greater good of all man kind (or the 0.000001% of us that fly paramotors anyway LOL )

It's not good drills to rest your hands where you have then during most of your flight :-( It's very easy to release a trimmer accidentally when your hands are there.

Looks awesome on the cliffs though dude!


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I free flew my Fusion 29 today for the first time (having done about 70hrs on it under power). It was very stable under quite turbulent conditions and I managed to ridge soar quite happily along with other paraglider pilots. I was comfortably towards the top of the pack, looking down on Hay Bluff. It seemed to perform every bit as well as the three different types of DHV 1/2 wings I have flown over the past few weeks. Glad that I don't have to buy new kit to enjoy my new hobby of flying without an engine!

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