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it dosen,t come as any supprise that running costs outway the income ,when unlike PTWIZ I tried to upgrade and guess what it wouldn,t let me .how many others have tried you don,t no about .why not just send a cheque. if someone sent me one for thirth quid i,d be at the bank long before it opend


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We have had one other failed attempt to upgrade to my knowledge. (which worked when he tried it again)

It is annoying, but the payment system is very integrated into the site as far as posting rights and such... if a payment is taken outside of the system is will not recognise you as a full member.

Please can you send me the error message that you are getting

THANKS VERY MUCH! for attempting it I WILL get it sorted so that you can upgrade one way or another.


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Ha - Simon beat me to it!

The issue I had was that the site failed to direct me to the PayPal page when I selected full member subscription.

I tried again a couple of hours later and all was OK.

Given the intermittent nature of the problem, it's unikely to be something wrong with the site itself, more likely that one of the servers between you and this site is blocking.

Keep trying.

Pete. :explode:

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Cool, thanks :-)

I hate talking to the web geeks at the weekends. Everyone needs at least a day off LOL

It would be handy, if your reading this and thinking of becoming a full member anyway..... if you could give it a go today to see if A) it works or B) the same problem happens.

We dont have a back end simulator to try it with...


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