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flying saturday 19 or sunday 20 nov


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trying to get some flying done this weekend, i have a site at bishopstone seaford, drive right to launch site, launch site on top of hill but need to per arrange with land owner, owner want 5 quid per person and owner dont want more then three paramotors, anyone interested, robin

P.S> my number is 07946803435

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Let's look at the weather one more time tomorrow - currently the forecast for Brighton area is almost due east wind... Not the safest thing to have on the SW facing cliffs.

If the forecast holds will I be able to tempt you to come fly over Avebury with me? :P


Actually... I take that back - looking at the terrain map of this area on google I think it would be great to go exploring the Firle ridge and the hills inland and to the east of Newhaven, plus the Cuckmere delta and that whole area looks nice too.

Now let's just hope the forecast stays on the light side :)

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meeting at norton farm seaford, i will be there at 9.00am, its farmers land with easy launch from top of large grassed hill, he wants 5.00per person for the day, but limited to 3 people per visit, the postcode is BN25 2UW have a look on google map

P.S tried to fly today at tidemills newhaven and found it difficult to launch/gusty and danger of train lines(i didnt like it) i personlly with rather pay and have easy safe launch , robin

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Yes but depends on the type of flying you like to do!!! :wink: and how experienced you are... Luke an experienced paramotor pilot turned back 3/4 of the way to beachey head as it was lumpy!

I thoguht it was fine! :D:D It was on the limit of most peoples flying 15/18knotts

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