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Reserve - Certification

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I have recently been looking into getting a new reserve and would like some help understanding the certification.

If you look at the following link it might help to understand my question.


Extract is this.


Mayday----Area [m2]--Gores-------Weight [kg]-----Sink Rate [m/s] -------Max Load [kg]--Certification

16_______23_______16_______1.863________6.3 (at max load)_____106__________DHV




This is a particularly odd example.

Can someone please explain the different standards to me. As I thought that the afnor standard was normaly used at 75% of the max load to get the correct usable figure.

So in the above example the bi on the old afnor standard would have a 5.4 m/s at 150 kg. And a 6.8 m/s at 200 kg as that was the rate that was used on the afnor standard.

I thought that the afnor/cen was the new afnor standard and that the 160kg was the tested figure and gave a genuine 5.4 m/s.

If this is the case then it seems wrong that the the bi is less than the 160 given the extra meterage of the canopy.

And I have no idea about the other two standards.

Please note it is not just about this reserver it is more the standards so that I can get a true like for like comparison.



Please help.

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