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A lack of BEER at hambook!!!!!!


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Both i and barry and been taking beer to Charley every now and then to say thanks for being a great help in opening the gate when ever we need it to be opened.... BUT i have yet to see anyone else bring any to the field to give to Charley.... I am not saying you need to bring some every time you turn up at the field but it would be nice every now and then..... :D

Now as it is coming up to Christmas and we all know that Charley lives at the site/field both me and barry think it is a good idea to have a whip round for him just to say thanks for being a great sport and never refusing to open the gate when ever we need it to be opened!!!!

So if you think it is a good idea please let me know on here......

also if you wish to put something in the hat then give it to me or barry when you see us. If you have used the field 10 times or just once it does not matter as without charley we will not have a useable site. Anyone who has flown from here knows its a great site.....Even if your a visiting pilot and wish to give please do....

Many thanks

Mark morgan

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I didn't think about a hamper...

I am open to idea's.

I think getting a hamper is ok but there is always something at the bottom you dont like or dont use!!! It all depend on the amount we raise.

I know some of the people that use the field don't use this forum so i will have to contact them via phone...

I was personally thinking about £20-30 as i use it alot.....

I will start a new thread for people who wish to chip in and the amount they wish to give... and we can use as a record of payment as well...

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Happy to bung £20 at a hamper to anyone who is prepared to put up with Paramotors on there land. :-)

Will be doing the same for the Membury owners for sure...

Top idea.


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