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Consumer Rights

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Hi all, I need some guidance on something, I've scouted around the net and want to get you guys opinions!?

So i placed an order for a wing and a motor from a company in spain 2.5 months ago and paid for it via my instructor here in saudi. About a month ago now i decided i wanted to upgrade the wing (now bearing in mind the wing and motor are from the same manufacturer) but have now been told that it is not possible and if i do i will loose £1500. As i have not received any of the package yet am i entitled to change my order under the EU directive 97/7/eu which is the European distance selling consumer rights?

Getting really fed up with this as I'm spending a lot of money and i want what i want, If you know what i mean! :(

Thanks for reading! Any opinions welcome!

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I think this just boils down to the person you are dealing with.

Assuming that they are inside the quoted delivery time still, and there is nothing wrong with the product, they do not have to change your order.

I am sure that most would though.... .

Ask them why they are being such di**S


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I think it depends on what you mean by "Via your instructor" if you paid your instructor for the equipment in Saudi, then you purchased it from him, and EU directives do not apply to you.

It is also unlikely that distance selling regulations will apply to him if he is a dealer because they are written for consumers not dealers who will normally have agreed terms and conditions with the supplier.

Distance selling regulations do allow a consumer to cancel and get their payment refunded but the supplier can deduct any costs incurred if an item was manufactured specifically, which I expect they will claim to be 1500GBP

So you are better of trying to negotiate a better price for the upgrade, and ask them to explain the costs.

Paul D

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