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To close for comfort


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I had a nice flight yesterday out of hambrook. I flew to selsey and back. Not an epic flight be any means but what happened i think i am a very luck man....

I got to my turn point at selsey and started to head back to hambrook when i hit some nice smooth thermals so chose to hang around and play.. :D as i got into a nice little 3up climb a throttled off but as the motor got to idle i heard a big knock. :shock::shock: I had no idea what it was. I loosened my shoulder straps and had a good look at my motor to see if i could see anything Nothing i spun the prop both sides looked ok so i fired her back up nothing, back to idle still nothing...

I could have landed to see what it was but i made the call to carry on. Not a blip rattle or anything all the way home so i didn't think anything more of it... After about 20mins i got back to hambrook and landed. Nice little touch down 8) then all of a sudden i got this massive smell of fuel!!! Sh1t i got unclipped as fast as i could only to find my fuel cap was no longer there :oops:


The only thing i can think of is i did not do up the cap enough :oops: I pre flighted my kit more than i would normally as i was flying on my own but how could i have missed this. :oops:

Just goes to show you how easy something very important can be missed ......


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