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hi all, off to France on hols soon, hoping to get in a bit of flying but left it a bit late to get an air chart, looking to fly in the area of Guehenno which is south west of Josselin (47*57'0"north 2*33'0"west) southern Brittany, may also go over to the west coast but not sure where yet. If anyone has a chart of this area and could let me know of any airspace or restrictions i would be very greatfull. :dive:

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If your French is any good find a local microlight (ULM) field/club and ask the locals. I've never met an unhelpful pilot :)

If you download this link http://www.gentreau.com/LFDDNN_20110530.kmz it will bring up Google Earth with all the FFPLUM registered fields on it. They are presented in the Departments of France so you can uncheck all the Depts apart from the one you're going to to make the display less cluttered.

If you click on one of the plane symbols it gives you the details of location and also whether it's private, there are quite a few that are.

Also check this site for fast jet activity http://www.sia.aviation-civile.gouv.fr/ ... r.asp?m=39. If an area near you is shown active fly at 1500 feet. They don't fly at week ends or bank holidays and very rarely in the evening or Friday afternoons.

Have a good trip :!:



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