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Parameter trike

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H - just came back from Spain here I saw a trike paramotor and it titillated me, so to speak. I currently fly a Eurostar microlight and have done so for the last 10 years. But the thought of taking off from my own small field is very appealing. So I guess my questions are:

- I looked into paramotoring a couple of years ago and was put off by being told that it is difficult to fly against any wind greater than 5knts; you would have to fly downwind and someone would have to follow you... Hwever, the trike chap was flying in stronger winds than that: I am now confused: what winds can you fly in?

- what conversion process should I undergo?

Ay other pointers would be greatly received

Many thanks for reading this and even more if you reply!


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It depends on when you passed your microlight licence whether you are legally req to take another exam ....but you would be crazy not to have some sort of training even if you dont need to legally......pre reflex days its true most of the time you were struggling against the wind but these days things have changed I get a genuine 40mph in nil wind

so progress can be made ......also your wing will have to have a G- reg....

I too come from microlighting but a flex wing so Ive never had the benefit of a heater or been able to stay dry. :?

Ps However I will swap with you your Eurostar for my paramotor and wing if you want any day :shock::D

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