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Too high compression!

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OK, we are all stumped. I has a perfect running motor until I started the preventative maintenance program. Popped off the head, cleaned out the carbon, cleared the decompression port, replaced the head gasket, and now have TOO much compression. Cannot pull start, certainly cannot electric start. Took the pulleys off, the belts off, the carb off, isolated it to the actual compression. What else can I do? Double the gaskets? I have two brand new gaskets. Anybody else have this problem?

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Try checking the gasket at the bottom of the cylinder/crank case joint, it may be pulling just to much air. You said you have had the head off so the cylinder could have moved breaking the gasket. I have just had the same problem after removing the cylinder head. I replaced the Mallosi gasket and it now pulls over.


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Yesterday finally rained enough to stay in the garage and find out what the problem was with the compression. It turns out that it is absolutely critical to have the prop timed with the compression stroke to help it continue to cycle. Worked like a charm. What I can't believe is that of all the times taking the prop off and on again is that I have only got it wrong this one time. The odds of that are somewhat amazing. The good news is that I basically have a brand new engine now and could rebuild it in my sleep. Not proud to say that I started this may 1st. What I will never divulge is how many guys looked at it, worked on it, and helped out with it. Gotta love paramotors.

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