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Homestead Farm


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Just been had had a chat with Barry Gardiner, excellent bloke and lovely site.

However he does not want to advertise this site as part of any paramotor club (unless we set it up officially with the council - i.e. obtaining planning permission etc), and would prefer us not to post further details etc for many reasons, some of which include things like the 28 day rule and to avoid site overcrowding and local noise pollution.

I know Mark from PendlePPG has got details up, so we will leave it at that, Barry is cool with that too.

Anyone else know any suitable sites ??

Here is a taster pic of the 250m runway, can't wait to camp there, camping and flying is only £10 !!


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Hi Mike

good question, I'm still enjoying flying from Lambourn and it's nice to have miles and miles of flat fields so that you have plenty of landing options, plus the social aspect is worth the drive alone.

I think once we get longer days I'll be tempted to pop there after work, and hopefully by then I'll have more hours under my belt and be cool about trying a new site.

Where in Kent are you ? and where have you flown already ?


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I've used Barry's place a few times now and it is a lovely venue. Barry is obviously very sensitive about his relationship with the neighbours so has some strict rules on noise abatement, etc. The facilities are excellent as is his hospitality. I'll come along (if you don't mind) next time you go if I'm in the country.

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Hi Dan,

Well I pretty much practice (ground handling) at Brands Hatch overflow carpark which is a massive open field!! Nice and open and a great place to practice.

There are a couple of farmers that I have bumped into when walking the dog locally at Swanley and they have asked me to fly with them, so i am hoping to see them and catch their numbers.

This is the bit that you guys will no doubt get jealous about.....................

I have flown in Spain up in the mountains in the evening where its lovely and hot and where a nice cold beer follows down at the local village.

Yep, i have a place in Spain its an old 'Finca' which sort of means cottage and is about 40minutes north of Granada airport.

I just started the sport of Paramotoring because I just wanted to fly up high above all those olive groves.

Well 15 minutes of it.

I want to knock up some hours here and find local flying spots.

Trouble is in between all my other interests and the family I find it a bit difficult.

Lambourne is about 2 hours from me but i suppose once the evenings get longer it will be worth the effort.

Who knows if I can sort some flying places out here locally there might even be a Kent Club???

Thats why I was making the Surrey enquiry?


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Hi Si,

Take it, short for Simon?

Just been catching up on the forum with whats happening.

I havent had a chance to fly yet!!! Work, work, work!!!

But it will be great to fly with someone and gather their experience!

I have bumped into one of the farmers but they seem to fly at a drop of a hat and I need a day or so to get organised.

They tend to fly on Tuesdays, so I am hoping to hook up with them and get to know them.

Like I said, two 15 minute flights still with all my brand new kit and havent had a chance to expand on it!!!

Anyway I live in Crockenhill next door to Swanley which is J3 of the M25............................where abouts are you? Do you have somewhere to fly from? I take it you have been flying for a while?!

Give me a call or text on 07957361995 or 01322613072 or email me on mike@oldszkoda.com or mszkoda@plukltd.com..........................we got to hook up and get up there.

Look forward to hearing from you


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