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new redhead 180cc skytoy/G6 paramotor

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I was thinking of buying the redhead 180cc paramotor known as a paratoy or G6, i was wondering if anyone who owns one of these engines and has amassed any air time either on paramotor or trike could give me some feedback on reliablity of engine and any other problems that may have occured, I would apreciate any comments from redhead owners, thanks robin

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Try the paramotor pirates up hull way, they sell them.Robin you had the g6 engine didnt you.the 180 has the power,dont know of any problems with them.not many flying in the uk i think.cheap but how good spares are to get i dont know.fuel is on par with a cors-air per litre. PARASHOP SHOULD HAVE THE INFO YOU NEED AS WELL.

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I was thinking of some information on reliability other from the seller of these engines as he is bound to be at least a little little bit bias :?

The pirates have a club so find it. and email someone who has bought one and put some hrs on it. not any uk vids of the 180 about.but you can get a s/hand cors-air motor with very low hrs for around a grand.happy hunting lokl/

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