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Why we fly

What's the urge  

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  1. 1. What's the urge

    • Enjoying the view from above
    • Like to do something we humans weren’t designed to do
    • Enjoy the buzz from having the skillset to actually do it
    • The adrenaline rush from the ‘risk’ involved
    • All of the above

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I managed to ‘get one in’ as you might say before lunch, only 20 mins but somehow satisfying.

I said I was going to get a flight in yesterday but I was busy during the day and went to the field in the evening. I know the weather has been good in parts of the UK but here the forecast was only OK ish. When I watched the wind streamer do its antics once I had set up I just knew it was going to rain – so rain stopped play.

It was quite wet on the ground this morning and it’s forecast rain for this afternoon but at about 11:00 there was a pretty solid high cloud cover and it was very still.

Got up to the field, the ground had dried off and the slight breeze was changeable, but got airborne and had 20 minutes of slightly bumpy flight before the clouds began to part and the thermic activity started.

YES – I got the timing right and achieved some time in the air; which leads me to thinking, what is it that promotes this craving for airtime, very aptly shown just recently by garyfreefly (well done that man) and previously viewtopic.php?f=24&t=5621

and I think by most of us on here.

I’ve tried to describe some of it previously here viewtopic.php?f=1&t=5664

So I’ve put up a poll, just for fun, to see what it is that gives us pilots the urge, tick the feeling most prevalent to your flying. If it’s none of the above try to describe it in a reply, cheers,


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