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Comp bottle ?


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Hi Clive

Take the fuel line from the carb in to the bottom/pick up of the bottle.

Then put a new fuel line from the bottle to the tank.

You have to manualy fill the bottle with fuel if it is empty or partially empty as it will not fill on its own.

The fuel will flow through the bottle as if it is the fuel pipe but when your main tank is empty the fuel goes down in the bottle as there is only air to replace it.

Hope this is clear enough :D

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Pete is it the line from the tank to the carb, which goes to the bottle or the line from the carb to the engine that goes to the bottle. ? Thanks clive

Me thinks from the tank to the bottle to the carb, in that order !!

yes :lol:

Tank, bottle, carb

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This is one of those mods that can easily go very wrong.

Please ensure that you are 100% happy with the mounting of your 'petrol bomb' and extra fuel line.


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After giving this some thought and talking to several people, i have decided that this is more trouble than its worth. :( Not worth the risk of leaking fuel i originaly thought that there might be a comp bottle already made up. But there seems not and that you have to mod your own out of various bits and pieces. Mini plane do a kit but even that does not look very good !! :explode::explode:

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