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Vario Calibration?!


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Hi All,

I've got an old Brauniger IQ Comfort Vario which I've been using and trusting for a while...but it seems to be that it's started giving inaccurate readings.

For example:

The elevation of my house is (according to all mapping and other reference GPS devices) about 300ft AMSL.but my Vario, even with the correct QNH setting (which right now is actually 1013) is showing my altitude as being 150ft.

This is an older vario where you cannot set your height or get the vario to tell you what the pressure is. I have read the manual until I am bored of quasi-english/german short paragraphs that tell you not-very-much and there is nothing to help if the readings are incorrect.

Is this something I can sort myself or would it need to be serviced? If so, does anyone know if this is prohibitively expensive?



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Steve, it should just be a simple matter of pressing the up / down arrows on the left (when the main screen is showing the A1 altimeter). It should then display the temperature and equivalent sea level pressure accurately.

I've had 2 Brauniger varios (Basis and IQ Motor) and find them pretty accurate and easy to operate. Brauniger wil service and recalibrate if you wanted, but would probably cost about half the price of a new entry level vario so hardly worth it.

Maybe just pass it to a new hill pilot who only needs to know if they are going up or down, and approximately how high above T/O they are ...

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I can actually set the height, but it's then showing the wrong QNH...so it's obviously in need of calibration.

I'll contact the local Brauniger dealers and see if they can do it, or if not look at the cost of repair with Brauniger themselves.

Cheers anyway!

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Hi Steve

Try this...... Pick it up in your left hand pick up hammer in your right place vario on the ground then smash with hammer...


Hope this helps :)

My vario is so old id does not have QNH!!!!!! Do you really need it?????do you every fly that close to the air space celling....

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