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flying monday


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Jock, I'm game, but access and grass length needs to be sorted beforehand. Let me know. Richard.

I went to powick grass has grown a bit since they cut it 2wks ago just about doable.i then niped over to croff farm thats a jungle at mo/i then went to kite feilds and monday is the only day he is closed.he is going to be importing the trike buggies for ppg from usa soon.you can fit ppg/hg to them terry luke trikes usa.im trying to start malvern hangliding paragliding whinch club at the kite feilds,looking like a goer at mo.£5per pilot a day.there is also a ppg school starting up there soon.nothing to do with me,a chap called deano hes on the pmc site.ive been busy this am,had a good blast on the zrx1100.

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ok Jock, I'll stick to Clent, but atmos soar predicts big updrafts & possible thunder clouds.....

xc showing thunder storms,metcheck ok am.ive never had a yr like this hardly any hill flying and 1 flphg flight oh and a 20ft ppg flight.at least my volution looks as good as new,and to think i had a moan over late del.mind you the parajet chaps i met at the nats were really nice chaps very helpfull.

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