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Paraglider wanting advice on conversion training please

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Hi I am a paraglider, pilot rated hill & tow with BHPA. Iam looking at taking up paramotoring to extend my flying especially on light wind days. Can anyone advice me on training, there seem to be 2 routes bhpa or pmc I have no preferance but would be grateful if the pros and cons of each could be explained. Also what is required for conversion and what is the position when flying abroad. These questions may seem obvious but I do not know any paramotorers to ask. Many thanks in advance for any advice offered. K

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Hi Kieran,

Firstly, although I am BHPA pilot qualified I don't see there is much difference between the paramotor specific training from either the BHPA or PMC in terms of safety etc. A recent poll showed that over half the members of this forum only fly paramotors and happily do so without being BHPA members.

Saying that though as a free flyer I would highly recommend you go the BHPA route and add the power endorsement to your existing qualifications. This way you will gain an internationally recognised pilot qualification and benefit from the automatic BHPA insurance scheme at no extra cost. This alone will pay for your training over a few years as otherwise you would need to take out separate cover through the likes of On Risk / Joint Aviation Services - which although not a legal requirement in UK is required in other countries and certain sites here, including competitions such as the National league. Your BHPA rating also grants you an international IPPI card at the equivalent level to free fly, paramotor or tow world wide.

As a pilot you should already know most of the theory, air law, meteorology etc and be proficient at ground handling, in which case you should only need one or two days training and be flying solo from day 1. Depending where you are in the country I can recommend a few good BHPA instructors who can sort your power pilot training and assessment for about £150 per day. I have past copies of the exam and most of it is the same as for free flying, with just a few motor specific questions. Drop me a PM if you need any further advice.

No disrespect to the PMC instructors on here as I'm sure they would agree that you are best using the BHPA route, just as a complete beginner who only wishes to fly paramotors might be best just going with a PMC or other freelance paramotor instructor (as it can work out slightly cheaper & quicker with someone who teaches paramotoring full time). Like I said, either route should safely get you in the air. I actually did a freelance conversion from free flying to motoring, but later had my BHPA power endorsement officially added for all the benefits mentioned above.


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Our hill to power conversions take 2 days, our day rate is £120 a day for conversions.

The insurance that we sugget you get is also valid globally. I have been lucky enough to fly in loads of countries and the Join Aviation policy has been accepted in all of them with not so much as a question asked. :-)

In fact one of our students has just used it to fly in the US when pulled up by the local plod.

Its your call at the end of the day chap, as you are a member (assuming you still want to hill fly) you should remain so and use the route you have started to take already.

If your more likely to bin the parawaiting then get your self over to see us for sure.

Welcome to the PMC.


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Hi Thankyou both for the advice. I intend to continue free flying as well as paramotoring. I like the idea of learning and flying localally, I live in surrey and It appears that there is a PMC instructor in the reigate area. I also like the idea of the BHPA regarding insurance. Its my intention to speak to an instructor from both and weigh up the best option for me. Many thanks again for answering my query. Kieran

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