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Charity Lakes Classic - 2011

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Guys not sure if anyone made it up to the Lakes this year for the LCC bash, we had 2 Acro Paramotorist playing over the lake and a special display from Eric and his homemade jet pack - basically a 12m ITV wing and 2 mini jets strapped to his ass, very impressive and a good rate of climb.

Short video of the speedriding, I will dig out the jet footage


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Love the video Rob!!!

Nice boat When you said you had got a rib i thought you got a little baby one not not that beast :shock:

I take it your getting right into your speed riding now?? Looking good :)

Not seen you for time flying down here.....

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Ah yes it is a biggun, great fun blatting around in it and just going places.

Well I have always speedrode and paraglided and actually enjoy this more than the PPG. I am in the process of changing jobs and will hopefully have more freetime to get some PPG in. Have been loving your photos of the IOW trips and i wouldnt be suprised if one of those dots in the Solent wasnt me cutting around.

Interestingly (although not ratified yet) but we could now have the UK speedriding record with 17 pilots in the air at once

Eric the Jetman was pretty awesome and even just the noise of the roaring engines was enough to put goose bumps on the back of your neck

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