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Any more info on the reserve toss at the nats?

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and brown trousers.

imagine your wing rolling over head in front of you. What the hell is going on, I better throw my reserve, wheres my reserve gone... realization kicks in....

I never asked, but does anyone know what size reserve Deano was using?

Bent cage but walked away ok, which is reassuring to know. He did say he lent back on purpose so the motor takes the impact. I didn't witness it myself, but a full account would be good for us all to learn from for future events.

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Vince - my Kobra speed bar lines are outside of the harness (Rocco / Evo) but well clear of the underseat reserve handle anyway.

Even if the handle was dislodged my reserve would not fall out as the underseat reserve mount does not have flaps (like a free flying harness) but would have to be pulled horizontally out of the 'pocket' before being thrown. Risk of accidental deployment is therefore low, but in an emergency it could take slightly longer to pull it free - especially as it is a large reserve and very tight fit in the under seat container. I did ask Leandro about making different sizes but it seems that they are standard for the smaller Venom / Snake.

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