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A few questions for polini thor owners.


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Hey Guys

I have a few question for my fellow polini thor owners.

I am still awaiting a follow up from the company I bought my polini from so I thought I would ask you guys for your input while I am waiting for a reply.

Love the polini, think its a great engine very easy to start and has bags of power!!

In my picture you can see the throttle cable attached to the carb, Have I got it on correctly!! It looks ok but there I am not 100% so I wanted to check.


Also on the below picture I you can did a flight a couple of weeks back and gear valve rubber bit disappeared never to found again, has this happened any one else.


And last but not least has anyone else had any problems with a leaky exhaust like mine. I was running it a little to rich which was sorted but I still got the leak.


Finger crossed going to be doing some beach flying tomorrow with my mate.

Thanks Guys and help would be great.


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The cable connection is wrong.

I try to describe it in words, but it is actually simple.

(Looking at your picture) The barrel shaped stop end on the cable needs to slide into the uppermost end of the circular sleeve on the throttle linkage (so the sleeve is round the circumference of the barrel stop end).

Once it is half way in you will have to rotate the barrel stop end so the cable passes down the slot nearest you in the pic (you will need some slack, I'd have though opening the throttle butterfly fully should give you enough).

Once the barrel is all the way in, you can release the butterfly and the cable will pull round into it's locked in position.

I don't own a Polini, but I am pretty sure my mates new Polini exhaust leaks there too


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Hi Stuart

Thanks for the reply, I will have a look tomorrow but as its Sunday dont think I will get a new throttle cable for todays flying (old one has very little slack left)

If any fellow polini thor owner would be so kind to show me a picture of there carb and throttle cable set up it would be great. I sort knew it was wrong but good to get confirmation from this site which I must add is a great place to get information, tips, help etc.

Thanks again.


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have you tightened the exhaust bolts since it was new?

If the nugget on the cable doed not fit in the Carb then the throttle cable is wrong.

Polini have a simple pressure release valve where you have the large bolt thing.

In other answers, yes I have a little seepage of oil around my exhaust.. nothing to that extent tho.

Polini hand throttle is about £100 and will fit perfectly.

A year on polini thor still running fine.

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