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Tip to Tip Planning


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If you would like to look at the route in Google Earth, download this file, open GE then double click on the .kml file to open it in GE.


NOTE: If the file comes down to your browser as a bunch of text, go to file/save as/ and save to your prrefered location as anything.kml then do as above to open it.

Alternatively you can right click on the link and 'save linked file as' to your preferred location then as above.


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A bit more about the route and the plan.

The route that you see above isn't the final, nor the only route, it is just the first draft to provide us with a framework to hang our requirements on. It will be modified as time moves on and opportunities present themselves. Just by looking at a map you can see that there is a quicker way from LE to JOG, just cut the corner through the gap between Gloucester and the Severn estuary and Bob's your uncle - time saved. But there is a further objective, we want to visit as many Paramotor Club flying sites (within reason) as we can whilst flying northbound. This does a number of things for us, it makes supporting the event a little easier logistically and shares the experience with the backbone of the sport in the UK. Who knows, they might also raise a few shillings for the mission objective us as we plough North (in fact I gather they already have and are doing so as we speak.)

In a quiet moment none either taking part or supporting this effort can forget why we are all doing this, some of us have lost friends and family to either conflict or accident; the money raised flying our potty machines the length of the country will help save or change the course of someone's life for the better. What a worthwhile cause on which to expend our energy and enthusiasm, and what a way to nurture our sport and unite people across the land eh?


Terry and I will provide updates here as we progress towards the 29th July to give a progressively more detailed account of how the trip should play out. If you see that the route is near you and you are either involved in the sport or raising money for the causes, let us know and we will do what we can. With the vagaries of weather and fortune I doubt we can predict the moment of passage through your overhead, but we might be able to give you a bracket of days when the steady drone of the mighty Macros' will grace the skies above you.

Thanks for your support and presence, it fuels what we are all doing here.


PS: None of us has a monopoly on brilliant ideas and suggestions, if you come up with any good ones please let us know as they will be gratefully received. Somerset@paramotorclub.org will reach us.

All the best,

Terry & Norman

The Tip2Tip Flight Planning Team.

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I love weather and thought I had already put my name down several times, I reckon if Francis and me banged our heads together, between us we should be able to keep the crew well informed.....

Don't know about the website aspect of it though :?:

ALSO we need to intergrate NOTAMS, I'm no expert on this so we can investigate as time goes on as I do have a couple of NOTAM sites I check, one being this one


Is that the best and easiest to understand ?? (requires free subscription)

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Not sure if Im supposed to post this here or not but as Pete mentioned my name....

I am not really sure what you are asking for Norman, there is so much info out there and we all make our attempts at predicting when and where it will get flyable. I am happy to help in any way I can but wonder if we are reinventing the wheel e.g weatherjack, xcweather, metcheck, halo and miriad synoptic charts, wind charts, tephigrams and other data and forecast sites.

If you want a daily prediction for the pilots with updates throughout the day, I can contribute my own predictions to the briefing and it can be posted to a weather page on the forum. I cant commit to much more than that as I have another function.

Having a mobile internet connection and laptop will be a valuable tool but I expect that has already been thought of. I get my updates in the field via my mobile phone 3G. I think what I would want to know as a pilot is what is the wind doing and where is it coming from! And to be updated by the ground crew. running ahead of a gust front and timing my landing to maximise flight time, or changing altitude to take advantage of wind a shear....... is that the sort of thing you were thinking?

Pete have you tried this one? http://www.ais.org.uk/aes/ Try username = paramotorclub pwd=tiptotipou can create routes and search for notmas and aic that apply to your route on any given day. Again a mobile internet fro the crew is a must.

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I think

A) Pm for this thread would have worked better but hey ho....

B) We all need a simple to read (Paramotor Specific) local up to date weather report on the site.

Thats my take..

Dan, you are indeed the Man when Tip to Tip weather is concerned and your name is well and truly down for it.


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the local affilliate club system might be a better way to get local weather up. I can post IoW weather but I am the only PPG who will use it, unless you lot want to come and fly. I suppose we could evolve a proforma that we all adopt so its a familiar format and have it a s a thread or post-it within each area's forum? It would need each area having a "weather" person. I think only posting when I forecast agood flying day would be the way, as I would have already made my own forecast so no t much extra just to post it.

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