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Newbie Herefordshire

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Thanks to the guy who flew over me and the family whilst walking in Wiltshire last week. It was enough to get me going and definitely looks more fun than the new bike I was going to buy in 2008!

Anyone with advice on where to get training ideally near Herefordshire?

I want to get up there asap!

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Hi Paul and Welcome!

Where in Wiltshire were you and what day? you may find the person is in the Paramotor Club :D

I am not 100% sure who to point you to in your area but an sure you will get your answer soon enough.

Again, Welcome!

Please feel free to call if you have any questions regarding the sport, and I reccomend you read the training blogs for a good insight.


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...On the kit side, any recommendations/things to avoid?

Everyone has their own opinions on why their kit is the best but one rule that you must follow... overpowered kit can be dangerous if you are light and underpowered kit can be frustrating if you are heavy.

I am also a biker and I think you'll find this is the closest thing to an aviation equivalent.

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If you can use the Schools Kit to learn on. (this gives you a bit more time to decide and 'learn' a little more about the kit in order to then be able to make a decision. )

Things you will need to consider in the early days are Reflex Wing V Classic Glider. You can find a fair bit of information out in the 'Wings' section of this site. Please do ask any questions you may have becasue the people we have here WILL be able to answer it!

Dont worry too much about Kit at this stage, start looking at Weather, Cloud types, Frontal systems, Air Masses... maybe I could upload some of the theory stuff to the site somehow..... I will ask about file upload again as I have all of this information, and Air law, Navigation, Principles of Flight........Airmanship.....

Your first action, find a decent instructor, If pete is suggesting this guy then he will be good (or as odd as Pete) :lol:


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As Simon said don't worry about kit buying at the moment start your training and just talk to people about their kit every one will say their kit is really good but just listen and soak the info in.

If you want to meet up one evening and have a chat about kit give me a shout and we will arrange something I'm not tied to any specific kit they all have good and bad points to some degree.

Have a talk to Paul when you see him he is very friendly and will not push any equipment on to you as some other training /dealers do.

Pete b

07703381197 anytime you want to call

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