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Easter Weekend


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I,m stuck with the H&E again for a while as the oil filter on the Bailey is full of metal. Lets hope I can get it fixed within a month or so. Will still be up for flying locally in thermals and tomorrow looks good for a run along this side of the Downs. Was up today in a few nice thermals right above the farm, but with a light seabreeze the clouds pushed inland and into too low an airspace to bother with. To the East around gatwick there were thunder storms and it may well overdevelop tomorrow.

I have to do some work in the morning so we could try for midday.

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I have a spare filter if you need it but it sounds like it might be a little more than just an oil change and filter.

I dont think i am going to be able to make flying tomorrow as i am a bit behind on the garden and have 10 tonn of gravel turning up tuesday so need to get everything sorted by then....

Looks like there might be a chance to surf next week as i think the weather is meant to be changing.... Bring on the rain!!!!!! "i cant believe i just said that"

If you need this filter then give me a ring as i dont think i will be able to get on here in the next few days!!! :x

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