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Icom A6 radio help needed


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Hi people,

I have an Icom A6 radio which does not work very well with my motor, I get very bad interverence to the point I have to turn the radio off, at tick over on the ground it is not so bad but as soon as I apply revs it gets proportionally worse. I have tried the radio on somebody elses motor and it works fine with my headset. I can use the headset and another radio on my motor and it works fine, I have a resistor plug, have tried a different aerial and different headset and even tried a brand new A6 radio with the same results. I have come to the conclusion that my combination of motor, headset and radio are just wrong. The motor is a Pap Pa125 and the headset is Loescher, I am at a loss as to what to do, does anyone out there have any ideas or have/had the same problem?

Thanks in advance


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It does sound like the ICOM A6 is particularly prone to picking up the ignition noise generated by your motor. I have a couple of questions that might help diagnose the problem...

1) If you remove the antenna from the radio does it make a significant difference to the noise?

2) Is the radio plugged in to anything else in your setup like an external battery or is it completely stand alone apart from your headset?

As an initial suggestion make sure that the HT cable to the spark plug isn't corroded and is really properly seated at both ends. Also, how old is the spark plug? Ignition interference is often worse on old spark plugs.

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