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Tip to Tip Training 12th & 13th Jan 08


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To the Tip to Tip team, (and anyone else who wants to get involved!)

The Lambaourn Training weeklend on the 12th and 13th of Jan 08 we intend to fly a down wind XC with ground support for at least 100 miles.

During the Tip to Tip it's self we will be flying not less than 130 miles per day every day.

We can plan the route on the day depending on wind direction and airspace of course but hope for a SW so that we can fly the actual route until 100 miles or someone runs out of petrol.

On day two I will have a Parajet Macro (as per tip to tip) for everyone to have a good hour or so in the air with. ( I will have flow it and Mike S has his own ) Which leaves Clive, Simon P, Pete B, and of course Richard. (not expecting Richrd to attend this one)

Use this thread for comments about this training weekend.

Simon P, can we um.... well.... um..... nick your van for the weekend mate ?


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HI Simon

I can still do the 10th january date but am away on a coaching course the weekend of 12/13 jan.

Still hopefully there will be days to fly before then

Simon P

As posted on 29th dec, still cannot change this weekend.

The van is also being used that weekend by staff for an installation ( noing that it was needed for 10th origanally, the job was put back to the weekend) sods law.

The following 4 weekends are all clear for me and van though. hope this is of use.

See you soon.

Ps i did do 2and half hours flexwing flying yesterday, just to keep my hand in. :D

Simon P

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