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Would you trust this man with your life!!


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Just come across this i think it explains alot about why he behaves the way he does.

Hes totaly freaking mad!!!

"SuperDell" Dell Schanze is best known for his crazy antics during commercials for his Totally Awesome Computers chain of stores. When TAC went out of business, he drifted off into oblivion. However, he has returned! He is running for Governor of Utah.

We think he's totally crazy


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With big power you WILL get some torque effect

This is true - but most other manufacturers (Parajet, Kobra etc) have found ways to minimise or offset this completely.

It is not solely Dell's fault, as the original Walkerjet also suffered badly from torque steer and I had to massively offset the trimmers or hang my 3.5kg reserve on the left side to get it to fly straight. The danger of course is that a beginner will apply too much brake to correct it, or even worse try to steer against the torque during climb out - with disastrous results such as on this video.

Inertia will always cause some rotation of the engine when accelerating suddenly (the only way to prevent this would be to have 2 counter-rotating props) and belt driven motors usually torque steer more than geared units, but even with 110kg's of thrust on tap the Kobra fly's straight with no correction needed.

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Dave - how can you possibly compare me to a lying criminal like Dell when we haven't even met ??? It doesn't become you to cast such aspersions on my character simply because you lost an argument over the K2. I have never made such nasty remarks about you !

I never said I had a "Cobra super" (which has a claimed output of 26Hp and 85kg of thrust).

For your information I fly a Kobra Rocco 230 Evo ST (SuperThrust) which has the larger 230cc engine developing 33Hp with a claimed output of 110Kg static thrust. This is the manufacturer's figure from a 3 blade Helix carbon prop.

I don't have a test facility but have no reason to doubt their claim. It certainly puts out a lot more power than the old Simonini mini2 plus engine (and needs too because it is such a heavy b*st*rd). You can see some of the specifications here:


Here is mine, resting:

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Hi Simon. Take your point and want you to know that all's cool here. I'll duly apologise when I see the results of a trustworthy thrust test. It'll take some reaching. And as for believing the manufacturers claims, well, we all know they can be way out, as recently publicised. 75 kgs dropped down to 58 kgs after some persistant investigation of one manufacturers claims.

And if I see a way to be doing everyone a big favour, well Simon, knowing me personally, I think you know I would. One small example of that good will is freely letting people know how they can prevent breaking expensive props. I've even stated that I will sell my motor if everyone will benefit. And I,ve stood up, almost alone, and asked people politely, please NOT to buzz people walking the coastal promenade, and take the 500 ft rule a bit more seriously. If that advice was heeded, that would be the biggest favour that could be done for the PPG community, as that and noise are probably our worst traits, as seen by the people on the ground. It's nice to have a little credibility, perhaps, and that'll be one sure way to achieve it. Make sure your own house is in order.....as they say

Sorry if I see things in black and white,but, I have a sense of humour too


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If your issue is with manufacturers claims, perhaps you should take it up with them ? Of course I agree the actual figures will always be different according to fuel grade, oil mix, air temperature and pressure. If the number is important to you then I am happy to submit my machine to a testing facility of your choice. In return I would like to test your Flat Top to see if the manufacturers claims of it being "indestructible" are true ....... :)(Note - smiley face denotes humour !)

I only asked for a retraction of your rather personal and unnecessary attack. Call me any names you like, but "worse than Dell" is quite simply going overboard and more than I can take...... :)(Note - smiley face denotes humour again !)

You got your facts wrong, assuming I had a different motor (26hp Super, not 33hp Evo). Just an easy mistake - a real man would simply apologise and move on.

Instead you would rather direct more jibe comments towards me about the 500 foot rule - a topic we discussed rationally on another thread and in private several weeks ago. Why ? My house is in order, although I don't claim to be perfect - I have broken various rules in my life (as I'm sure everyone has) but only when 100% safe to do so. Perhaps you could let me know if I have said or done something to upset you so much ?

Simon - no need to lock this thread as it is only good humoured discussion (unless it descends into cutting brake lines or loosening prop bolts). :)(Note - smiley face denotes another bit of humour !) I am happy to kiss & make up once Dave apologises ........

Alan :wink:

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PS - back on topic, I've been getting a fair amount of correspondence from Dell via Youtube messages. All fairly wacky but nothing too offensive (yet). I think its fair to say he doesn't hold "Michael Carrot" (as he refers to Michel Carnet) in much esteem, or even recognise him as PPG World Champion. Only the fake WPGHA 'records' count for Dell.....

Unfortunately he still blocks any open communication from his Youtube clips.

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