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Paramotors on eBay ... advice appreciated


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I was having a look around eBAY & saw someone selling a couple of Fresh Breeze Paramotors with Silex wings. The one that caught my eye was the Solo. In my (limited) knowledge they seem to be quite an old unit, but reliable.

My thought process is buy something a bit older (at around a third the cost of new equipment), gain experience & if the worst were to happen I would not be quite so upset if it got inadvertently bent! FB kit appears to have a good reputation - is this a correct?

Is this a sensible/realistic approach or is newer equipment worth the extra cost. The expression buy nice or buy twice keeps popping into my head.

Clearly most people on here have some views on the subject so what would you recommend?

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Hi Phil,

I have a FB Solo and can tell you a lot more about the Solo on fleabay.

The choice of motor is going to be down to how much you weigh. This is also the case with the wings, the Solo comes with the small Silex (all up weght 70-120Kg), the Simonini comes with the medium Silex (all up weight 90-140Kg).

The Solo (ebay 270693492551) looks like the Eco version which is a lower power (also cheaper) version of the standard Solo that has a tuned or 'resonator' exhaust. Fresh Breeze say it is suitable for pilots up to 80Kg but personally I would say 75Kg max as the power is only about about 10.5hp.

Also it has the older 2 part cage design, left and right halves. Not so easy to transport in a smaller car.

It's a bit fiddly and awkward to fit and remove the motor frame into the assembled cage. The motor frame doesn't stand on it's own (no 'legs') and fits in the middle of the 2 parts.

The engine mounts are quite flexible so I would recommend fitting the later left anti torque engine mounting bracket that prevents the engine twisting excessively. Helps prevent prop/cage contact when you fall over (been there :oops: ). Part number 13161, €19 plus tax from Fresh Breeze.

The Simonini (ebay 270693487256) has a 4 part cage and is highly recommended.

Cheers, Alan

PS ebay 290524746406 looks good

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Thanks for the info Alan.

Looks like I might be a bit porky for the Solo (I weigh 82Kgs).

I didn't know the Solo would be that low on power, so I think I can rule that one out, but the Simonini & the flash 100 look promising.

I hasten to add at this point I am just starting to gather information & have a look at a few machines in the flesh so that I can decide what is right for me.

I will be signing up for a training course in the near future & will be speaking to both Simon & Steve Haze, who are both local.



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A normal Solo (with tuned exhaust) is 15hp and would be fine at your weight.

Good to gather as much info as you can. Keep us informed on your trainng and we can all re-live your mistakes :lol:

Only joshing, we've all been there. Have confidence and enjoy the training.

I don't think you'll better the PMC training with Simon or Steve.



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