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When I'm not learning to Paramotor, my other interest is cartoon/design. As I'm new here I don't know if this has been discussed before, but it is now possible to produce high quality T-Shirts in low volume for about £12 each.

This is how it works. You produce a design for your club. The design is uploaded onto a T-shirt printing website as a vector graphic and you create a range of 'virtual' t-shirts, hoodies, bags etc featuring the logo.

The really cool thing is no-one actually prints the t-shirt until someone orders one. When that happens the T Shirt printer downloads the the vector design, prints off the T shirt and posts it as a one off order. This means you don't have to sort out a big bulk order for your club.

You can also then add designs as and when new clubs are set up. Payment is direct to the printer via the website, so once the site is set up, no-one from the club has to do anything.

If there are enough people interested I am happy to set this up and do some designs for the local clubs.

If you already have a design in mind it might be suitable for converting into a vector graphic. You need to avoid any part of the design being less than about 1.5mm wide as it causes problems for the printing process.

Ideally you want to put a link on this website directly to the Tshirt website.

If anyone is interested in this please get in touch. (I'm away for most of Xmas and New Year)



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Hi Mike,

Thanks for the offer, and joining.

I have 30+ Paramotor Club T-shirts in stock at £12 per T.

Buster Lung has suggested that he will do our Tip to Tip artwork, but I am finding it hard to get hold of him at the moment.



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