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Goldstar Headset Questions

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Hi All

I have purchased a blue goldstar headset and have a few questions if somebody can help me please.

1) Can you get an adaptor to work with the Puxing 777 Radio's.

2) What PMR Radios do the headsets work with as I have heard a few dont due to connectors e.g icom

3) This would be nice is there some sort of a splitter that I can use a pmr handset and also a Ipod that I can listen to .

Many Thanks.


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A few points answered, or half answered as there's no standard :evil:

1. I don’t know if an adapter can be bought, a couple of pilots have made them up from individual components. Here is the wiring diagram for the Micro Avionics headset:

BT Freeway.jpg[/attachment]

If you plug the Goldstar in, the radio will be on permanent transmit :?

3. I made a splitter for flyingdoc for his Round Britain Challenge but this was for a iPhone and a Yaesu radio, diagram here:



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The MicroAvionics headset will work with the PX777 when used with that adapter because it has a selection of dip switches inside one earcup that allows you to change various parameters of the headset. The Goldstar is less than a quarter of the price but has no option to make these changes.

Pay peanuts, get monkeys. Unless you know exactly what you are after from the beginning, for many the Goldstar is the most expensive headset they will buy as it is £50 spent that will never be used unlike the £200+ for the MicroAvionics that they still end up buying anyway but serves a far more useful purpose.

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