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Monday morning anyone??


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Monday morning anyone?? :)

My cold is going now and the weather reports are looking favourable in Mid-Surrey with a WNW to NNW (depending on which site you visit). Wind Speed about 6-7mph and not too gusty. Forecast is slightly higher nearer the coast (9-10mph).

I'm going flying (as early as possible due to training after lunch) so if anyone is around??? If you guys further south want to come up here and do some calmer winds flying then we can...or I'm happy to travel south, but I have to get back here for lunchtime-ish.

Let me know


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Hi Haze

As you know i am not going to make it due the chippy coming this morning.... I have now spoken to seymor and we are going flying this afternoon as it now looks like its going to be windy all week. If it doesn't work out with your lessons today then give me a call....

I hope to do some thermaling today :dive:

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