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A call for Tip2Tip across the UK - 'Can you help?'


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This topic is a place for us to put out a call for your help. We will need spots to land out and to perhaps use as refuel or say emergency diversion fields. Keep an eye on the threads that show our route and if you are adjacent, we would love to hear from you.

I will place the first request; can anyone point the way with a potential field to land and stop the night in the Carlisle area?

There are more requests to come but this one would be handy to know in advance.

Scottish support is a little thin on the ground at the moment, anyone up there who would like to chat and point us in the right direction with contacts and potential fields would be very welcome. Who knows, you might even form the first and founding Caledonian Branch of the Paramotor Club (UK).

Please get in touch, your support and encouragement is very welcome.



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Hi Norman,

if your route is following the M5 as far as Bridgwater then you will fly directly over Westonzoyland airfield. It is a "disused" WW2 airfield that is used for microlights, gocarts etc etc. If of use I will swing by next time I'm there and ask the club if we can use it.

If that is at a nightstop location I can provide accomodation at Ashcott, 5 miles way for one and all.

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