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Hi From Wroughton!

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Hi im Joe. I live in wroughton and hope to take up this sport one day when i have the money. :?

I've been interested in paragliding for a while now but think paramotoriing is more versatile and much more fun.

In the future I hope to train on a paraglider at Paravion then do a conversion course to a motor.

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If it's motors your interested in, you don't need to do a Paragliding course at all, I think this route will cost more and take way more time...

It took me almost a year to do my paragliding course despite being able to visit on any day.

Just an idea... but maybe a look into a Paramotor instructor may be a better option.

Welcome to the PMC!


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Hey Joe!

This is the place to be for paramotoring! I was thinking the same way as you initially. However, I .now think they're 2 completely different animals. I'd seriously just do a paramotoring course. The paramotor club instructors seem to have the right idea. That's who I'm going with in the next few months. ( just waiting to find out when the next instructors course is!)

This forum is super helpful too so don't be shy!


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hi everyone

ive been talking to tony (asquaddie) about this and he also said a paramotor course is much cheaper than the way I thought.

I also looked at simons training at membury airfield which is kind of close so I think thats the route i will take when I have the money etc. to do it

thanks for the replies


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