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Paramotoring with DHV 2 or 2/3 wings


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I’ve just recently started to do a conversion from paragliding to paramotoring. My normal wing is an Omega 7 30 and previous to that Omega 6 29 and Nova Aeron M. Does anyone have any experience flying any of these wings with a paramotor?

My all-up weight will be around 120 to125Kg the max weight range of the wings are 130Kg, 125Kg and 110Kg respectfully.

From what I can see most paramotor pilots opt for a 1 or1-2 wing but has any one any experience flying higher rated wings under power?

The reason I ask is because I still have the O6 and Aeron and if they’re suitable I would consider using them.



P.S. I haven’t given up paragliding, there just aren’t any suitable hills where I’m currently based.

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Hello Andrew,

I still fly DHV2 ENC paragliding wings under power since 1996 Saber/Aspen 1&2. I too have a background in PG and enjoy moderately thermic air with the motor.



economic(3cyl konig....)





stability at speed

slower by about 3-5kph

I'm about to order another ENC pg wing having been disappointed with trials on ppg (economy and feel).

I fly at +10/15 kg over placarded weight and have about 740 gps flying hours.

hope this helps


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Hi Richard,

Thanks for the reply. The information was very useful.

I have been doing a bit of reading and I think the Aeron will do OK.

The problem I have with selecting a wing is that all the local pilots here are ppg only and can’t really tell me how a wing will feel under power compared to free flying. Also they mostly fly Reflex wings.

I like the idea of a bit early or late evening thermal flying and just using the motor to launch. Weather this is possible I don’t know yet.



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Might be better at 1pm, giving you a better chance of staying up!

You'll also find weight shift thermalling limited, compared to a free flight harness.

Glide is also quite poor compared to free flight. My A2 will glide at 8.5:1 in a non cocoon harness, but I bearly get 6.5:1 with a 'slimline' paramotor on my back (engine off)..... Tick over with the prop spinning just about makes up 10 glide points to about 7.5:1

You'll also 'swing out' more on circling, but keep more outside brake and go slower.

Best UK straight line paragliding XC is 93.46km, best paramotor (engine off) XC is a failed out and return of 27km...... Just staying up in thermals: then there's no difference, you'll just go up quicker PG. It all just adds up to the challenges of thermal flying with a motor. I love it!

all the best,


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Hi Andrew

We've been flying here in Perth with Aspen 3 (EN C) with 10-15 kg above the weight range of the glider.

Here is the video;



If you're flying above the glider's weight range talk to your local repair person or dealer as you might require to replace the center A,B & C lines with thicker lines.

If you're flying within the weight range of your glider there is no problem for thermalling (assuming your paramotor is low hang point unit which gives you the weight shift option)

Most of us are flying above the weight range of our wings and that's why it's harder to climb (just like an Acro wing)

BTW welcome to the dark side :wink:

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