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Life Assurance/ Income protection insurance

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I've recently approached a number of companies to get life assurance and income protection insurance, obviously they asked me about any potential 'hazardous pursuits'- reluctantly i told them about paramotor flying- but stated that i hold a BMAA rating/BHPA rating/5 years-400hr+ experience/ Irish Aviation Authority Licence/ Class 2 Medical, etc.... therefore I wouldn't call it hazardous. Two companies increased the premium to crazy levels, and would not cover any 'flying related' incidents. Another, have increased the premium slightly, but are going to impose a 50 flight limit on me per year. This is contradictory to logic.... the more airtime, the more experienced/fluent you are, and less likey to have incidents... most incidents are low air time pilots coming out after the winter in the spring time- rusty pilots with 'rusty equimpent'.. Personally I fly all year, 100+ hours if i can, and these limits, plucked from the air by 'ill advised' beurocrats are simply nonsense.... and if anything will increase the likelyhood of an incident. When you weigh up the premium and what you could potentially get out of it, there is not a lot of logic in these policies.

Just wondering if anyone out there has had similar experiences- are there any companies that offer thsi to pilots, or ones that are willing to listen to reason and logic behind my arguments... Statistically we're more likely to be killed or injured travelling to/from the flying site by car, than actual flying.

Not sure if I can name the companies here---- Simon???

On the otherhand, people say- why did you mention flying at all? I guess i could have neglected to tell them- but you know insurance companies as well as anyone. If they ever find out they will just simply invalidate the policy, even if they learn of it through a totally unrealated incident- then there's no point in paying a premium at all.



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Hi Gordon

Had the same problem when I was skydiving.

My life insurance company wanted to increase my insurance premiums because I did more than 50 jumps a year (no increase at less than 50 jumps!)

I tried to explain that the more current you are the less risk involved as you are more 'switched on' to any problems and better able to deal with them than a less experienced skydiver but they wouldn't listen and I had to go elsewhere.

Makes you wonder where they get their info from!



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