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Nucleon 31 first flights today

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Off the ground (second attempt) pretty much nil wind and switchy. Mate called for me to abort the first. Came up straight but dipped off sharply to the left but actually recovered immediately, but by the time he called for me to power up again, I had committed to stop, which was an effort because I was moving along at a fair rate. That was on trim at minus 3 out of 5 too. Might try minus 5 next time in nil wind.

Felt good in the air at all trim speeds. Only used the ALC to steer on trims up, normal brakes on neutral. Will use both together next time up, for more response. It didn't feel as responsive as the Atis 2 but I was being conservative, first time up.

Didn't fit the speed bar either, but still fast. Mate had to use full trim and full bar on his 26 revo to match my speed, both of us being in the right weight range on both wings.

Up for about an hour and a half on 6 litres +. Normally use 5 with the Atis, but covered more ground today. Miles per litre not much different but will try to be more scientific with the calculations next time up.

Basically, very pleased with this wing so far. I'm sure that I will get more out of it as I learn a bit more about how to fly it properly. Like to thank Clive Bunce for the helpfull advice he's given and look forward to applying these tips on my next flight, which will, no doubt, take me much further from home.

No mention of my motor, you notice, but it was good to have reserve power to climb. Even on trims fully up ! Wonder how it'll cope with full bar too ? Watch this space !

Ps... brake lines seemed 6 inches long to me, but apparently they are right. Might be cutting the engine and taking a wrap next time I get a nil wind landing. It felt a bit fast today but the one with a headwind was fine. They were both on minus 2 trim. The nil wind landing needed 3 big steps to stop and the wing overshot me, but I'm sure practice and technique will sort it.

Interestingly, our mate, on his 27 Synth, had a 25 % tuck, whilst on full reflex. I thought it was a bit bumpy here and there but I wasn't pitching fore and aft like I probably would've been on the Atis, not that it would've worried me a great deal, but reflex does seem to "iron out the snarly bits". Certainly feels different too.


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Sounds good Dave, I'm damn sure you'll enjoy it:D

The chap I bought my ReAction from was moving up to the Nucleon, he wanted the greater speed range that the trimmers offered, without having to go to the bar.

I can still climb when on fast trim and bar even with my paltry little power output.

I could say I'm jealous really 8)



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The Nucleon is the only wing I fly that I frequently use full slow for launch in no wind and light winds. It is a beautiful wing for pottering around on full slow and is really efficient in that area. Not quite as efficeient as the Plasma on full fast but nearly.

Is your wing definitely set up for low hang points? They are set up for high as default.

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Ps... brake lines seemed 6 inches long to me, but apparently they are right.


Hi Dave

Read your flight report with interest as the Nuke is one wing I'm interested in. However the comment on brake line lengths struck a chord. My Synth had the same issue but to a greater degree, I felt about a foot.

Again, it was set up correctly but just felt wrong having to pull the brakes almost to my bum for a decent turn!

I'm sure you'll have many happy hours on it and hope to see you soon.



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Fanman.... Set up for low hang points..ie. brake lines dont go through lower pulleys. Only thing wrong was the torque compensater is on the wrong side so will have to shift it across.

Stevie boy...owzee doin bay ? Yeah I felt the same. Even on fast trim you can pulll nearly a foot of line before they start to take the strain. Next time up look to see how much your brake lines bow back. Mine bow back even more than the C's and D's. Shortening by 6 inches would have them looking the same as the C's and D's. I'm not going to change them but would like to know where Monsieur Carnet has his set (just out of curiosity) I'd have some of those T handles at the top of the brake toggles, but I fear that's just more to tangle things on. I've already had an ALC ball through the webbing. Not serious, and just me, not used to the equipment.

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...Do you use the brake toggles and the balls together...

I use ALC at altitude regardless of the trim setting as it keeps the reflex which Dudek wings have over the entire trim range. For take off and landing I use the brakes (obviously!) and fly actively. For low level flying on slow trim I use brakes only but if low level on fast trim then I have my hands through the brake toggles but use the ALC balls. This way I still have access to the brakes if the SHTF.

I flew my Revo 26 this evening (no tip steering kit fitted as the design is too poor) which really highlighted how much catch up Paramania needs to do with their control systems and quality of the trim system (mine kept slipping on one side). Paramania should take a good long look at the Dudek risers and move with the times. I flew an Ozone Roadster recently and this could benefit as well from the same treatment.

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