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Is there a specific PMR446 channel for paramotors in Essex?


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Hi Neilzy,

Do many people fly near Leigh on Sea / Southend?

Do you mainly go North and North East or do you dare and go South and West as well?

I'm curious as I always thought that it must be difficult flying where you are due to the geographical area combined with the high traffic airspace. (Southend and City)

I would love to know more!

One more question! Are you going to the East of England fly August?

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There is a few of us that fly in Leigh (well i will when i get my bottle back Ha Ha) we are a group of 4 at the moment with a few others around us. We fly from Leigh but it can be difficult with the wind off the estuary as i found out to my cost, and we have been moved on recently so we are always looking for new site to fly from locally. As for Southend airport we dont bother them and they dont bother us we have spoken to air traffic and they were not intereasted and as of yet we not encountered problems.

Not sure about flyin will prob attend to be fair forgot it was on not even sure where its held. Will ask others would be good to meet up and expand our little if not perfectly formed group.

Neilzy :dive:

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