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Fresh Breeze Sportix Simo


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I'm looking at a second hand Sportix Simo to buy but have a few of questions on it - if there are any obliging owners out there....

Firstly the bolts connecting the arms look small (smaller than my old PAP) and there is some lateral movement there - It looks like two bolts are needed one through the two metal plates and one through the plastic plate - Is this normal?

Secondly, the harness is connected to the frame at the back through two straps and buckles. If the arms do fail then presumably these take over - but they give the impression that you would be hanging much lower and possibly unable to control the glider.

The Sportix arms also move to a high position - Does this happen in flight or are they balanced against the pilots weight?

There is no speed bar pulleys for If I wanted to fit a speed bar - is this common? If so can you retrofit pulleys?

Lastly, this model has no electric start - It seems easy to start on the ground with the motor on your back (due to the high energy ignition system) but how easy is it to start in the air and would it be easier fitting a bungee rope on the starter handle?

It looks like a great machine but I just need a bit of reassurance on these points - thanks in advance....

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Have a word with Piers Dent 07973 395 419, UK agent for Fresh Breeze.

Smashing fellow, I'm sure he will be able to answer all your questions.

He gave my motor the once over after I had to repair the prop and put my mind at rest.




Dudek ReActionTST 29

Fresh Breeze Airboss (Solo)

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