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Who flew Clent Mon 21st and Kidderminster Sat 26th?


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Hi Richard

It was me over kiddy on saturday, orange with white leeding edge though. It was not me over clent on monday

Took off from the kite field at kempsey, idea was for out and return but i ran out of gas over powick and landed short. It was a nice flight and the first time i got as far as kiddy. i realy need to do something about the economy i'm getting, i had the engine off for a bit of the way as i got in a bit of cloud suck and drifted with it for about 15/20 minutes, the cloud was pretty darn big but i kept checking i could get away if needed and didnt get too far under it. That makes engine on for 1:30 ish. Not too good, i cant be flying it that badly and the wing is pretty efficient so i may need a tune up? Or its leaking!


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Blimy lads, you do seem to have a consumption issue there. My 3 cyl Konig (430cc) will do 1hr 55 on a 9 litre tank at trim speed (38-40kph), but that is using an efficient DHV2 paragliding wing. On full bar I can get 1hr 20min on the same tank (53-54kph). Agree with Mike though, the Black Devil was never known for its fuel efficiency nor quietness.....

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